Computer Games: Day 87

Designed to make a player want to play more, computer games are taking over my creativity, my activity, and my desire. I sat down here at my computer to find something to write about today, and an hour and a half later I am still playing the same game I started after I breezed through social media.

I have to be careful with my game playing, social media, Pinterest.  They all suck me in until I don’t know what else to do or until it is late and I have to go to bed or off to my commitment. It is tough. I see myself getting sucked in and try to fight it.  A couple of years ago, I really limited my Pinterset viewing to having to do something productive before I could go to the page. I made a lot of the things on Pinterest that year. I also got to where I don’t need to spend much time on it. I even got to where I don’t view Facebook near as much as I used to checking it once or twice a day. But now every time I sit down at the computer, I forget what I was going to do or I think I’ll slip in one quick game and time flies by. I tell myself that when I lose the round, I’ll quit and do something else. But, my finger hits another game, and I go again. It is sad that this can happen. It also makes me glad that I didn’t let my kids play any online games when they were young and very limited games as young adults. I am sad when my grandkids come to visit and they spend more time on their phones than visiting me.

I know firsthand how online games can suck a person in. They are intentionally made to be addictive, making the player want to continue and forget about the time. But it does more than suck the time away from a person; they also suck creativity and ambition away. I know that there are things to do, but my drive to do them wanes fast. I know that I should write, but my thoughts and ideas go away. I scramble to come up with something new or to put something on paper. There was a time when I could sit at a computer and spit out six or seven pages without really trying. There was a time when I would sit on my couch and knit or sew. Now I have to force myself to the crafting room to even start to think of something to do.

I am going to have to be harsh on myself and not allow games until everything is done just as I did with my kids when they started playing. Game playing is okay when it helps to reduce stress or to keep me from pacing in the kitchen snacking on everything. But, it is not alright when it takes over my precious time to be creative or productive or hiking.

I am on winter break; I should not spend all my time in front of the computer.  I am breaking the tie tonight.


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