Time Will Be Made: Day 86

I was scheduled to have my injections for my feet today, so my day had been planned around sitting because I am not supposed to be on my feet much when I get them. I had my beading stuff out, my laptop and my notebook, and some books placed next to my big cozy chair. Then I noticed that my appointment card had the wrong location marked for my appointment. So, I called the doctor’s office to learn that my appointment was miss-scheduled. I had to make a new appointment for tomorrow.

So, all of a sudden, I had a lot of free time on my hands. I thought of all the cleaning and wrapping I could get done. I could even get a start on my baking. Then I realized that I could turn in grades. In doing this, the drive takes me near one of my favorite hiking places – Hidden Caves. Now I knew what I was going to do with my free time. I was going hiking.

For weeks, I have been putting off hiking because of the weather or all the other things I had to do. I felt bad because I was letting unusually warm days slip by without getting outdoors for good old fashioned exercise. When we wish for something enough, it will happen. I had wanted time to hike and really enjoy the outdoors since I finished my school work. Today that happened.IMG_20181217_150845332-PANO

I was able to get out away from most people, and have a solitary hike among caves I hadn’t found before all because I turned left when I would normally turn right. There was no trail at first; I just wanted to hike along a ridge. But then I realized that I was somewhere above a cave I really liked. So, I tried to find it by going down. Instead I found a cave with tufa all over it and a few new trails. I had to actually climb at times and once I had to scoot on my bum to get down a few rocks.

I know that I will feel this work out tomorrow. I also know that I worked my knees more than normal. This was a great experience. I am thankful for the free time and the scheduling problem. Tomorrow, I will do what I had planned for today, and I will sit for a couple of days.


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