Different Muscles: Day 85ish

Yesterday, I spent 4 hours sewing a gift that I really needed to get finished. Half way through the project, I realized that I was using muscles that I hadn’t in a while. I was leaning over my work table laying out the next step, when my back started to burn. I had to keep standing straight and stretching. When I was ironing, the same thing happened.

Although, I sit at the desk often and don’t sit up straight, I still don’t use the muscles that the day required. They are also different muscles from cooking and doing dishes. My back hurts then too, but not the same.

This morning, when I got up, I felt like I had been hit by a car or something. My back and thighs had the soreness of working out, but again, not where I would usually have the pain. Who knew that sewing all day could work forgotten muscles? I surely didn’t. I knew that I was moving more than when I do desk work; I had to get up from the sewing machine often to do the next ironing or pinning.

It was a fun day in which I didn’t know I would get some muscle training. When doing something outside the norm, be prepared for different muscles to be worked.


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