New Traditions: Day 84

My family and I just learned about a tradition in Iceland where there is an exchange of books on Christmas Eve and everyone reads. Being how most of us are avid readers, we decided to start a new tradition in our family. Unfortunately, we saw this just a bit more than a week before Christmas, so we only have a few people who will try it out with us. There are three in fact. It was a fairly quick process to draw names and send out the assignments.

This is a tradition I hope we can get others involved in with us. Through trying to choose a book for someone else, one that we love and want to pass on, we are learning about each other more. Luckily there are Goodreads and Amazon wish lists to see what the other is reading, but we also want to pass along a book we enjoyed.  In two days, we have drawn names and purchased books delivering them directly to the recipient.

I love Christmas and traditions. It’s not the getting, but the giving and the selecting the perfect present for the people we love. I have always given my grandkids a book or a series for Christmas, so it fits right in with what I already do. If I don’t know what to get a person, I usually default to a book too. With the kids grown and the grandkids somewhere else, I won’t be able to read with them on Christmas eve, but to know that another book lover is reading somewhere else with me and because of a gift, I think that is special. It doesn’t matter where we are to enjoy a book together.

Hopefully, you have a tradition of your own and are preparing to share it with your loved ones.


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