Exhaustion: Day 82

The end of the fall semester hits right before Christmas. So, I have finals to grade, grades to post, new classes to set up, and presents to make and buy, and things to bake, decorations to put up. There is a lot going on. I have Christmas parties, crafting and jewelry making parties, painting class to go to. And the exhaustion hits. It doesn’t care that I have more than the usual amount of things to do in a week or if there is more. It hits.

I am less creative and need to sleep a lot more. I am making up for the short hour nights I had during the semester from when I had to stay up late to grade or to plan for a class. I am making up for the lack of school stress. So I don’t do things as fast as I would normally do, or I start something and have to quit to do something else.

I try to have things as close to completed before this hits, but something always comes up. I should be done grading and have the grades posted by now, but I’ve been out doing other things all week. So this weekend, I have to grade as well as the other things I wish to do.

I can’t bypass the exhaustion as I would wish to, so I try to navigate it as well as possible. I have to be very good at time management and flexible with my schedule.

I know that exercise helps to give me energy, but somehow exercise and hiking always gets shoved to the bottom of my to do list. I want to make it a priority, but don’t seem to know how to. How do I prioritize things for myself when I have always prioritized everyone else all my life? How do I prioritize something that I see as a pastime or recreation instead of productive?

Is exercise productive? I think so. It is what helps me and others get over that hump. It drives creativity and energy.  It reduces stress. So now I need to get out there and do some exercise or hiking. We’ve had two days of sunshine, and I have yet to go hiking. I think I better get out and do it tomorrow.


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