Sunshine: Day 81

After several days of gray overcast skies, we finally have sunshine.  I didn’t know what to do first: follow my cat’s lead and lie in the sun rays in the kitchen, go outside, be responsible and work, or celebrate. So, I worked and did my physical therapy.  Then the rest of the day got out of control.

I was going to take a hike today, but by the time I got my errands done, I had to go home and put away the frozen foods and make a few phone calls before I forgot them once again. The sun was setting by the time I actually got out side to enjoy the warmth of 50 degrees. It was nice too.

Since the sun was setting, I decided to water my greenhouse plants and fill up my waterfall instead of going for a hike. So I got to walk across my yard 15 times with a three gallon bucket taking water from the rain barrel to the waterfall. It was good exercise, and I walked on the railroad ties to practice my balance and looking ahead instead of at my feel. But, it wasn’t hiking. So hopefully tomorrow I will be able to hike.

The sunshine was a nice change though, and I did notice people’s attitudes changed. We don’t notice the slump in attitude as the days of gray skies add up, but when the sun comes back, the attitudes are noticeably better.


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