Checking In Once More: Day 80

I am ¾ of the way through with this challenge, so I thought that I would check in on how I am doing. I have been writing regularly; not every day but most, and the day after a skip, I write an extra post. I have done something physically everyday as well. I had hoped to do about 30 minutes of exercise everyday but knew that might be a problem, so I said I would do some exercises. I have stretched, done yoga, hiked, walked, hula hooped, done stairs, swimming, arms and abs, so I feel pretty good with this.  I have found new ways to incorporate exercise into my days even when I feel that I cannot add anything else to the day. I have weaned myself off the television, but I have picked up a computer problem.

I quit dieting in November to be able to honor myself. I eat when I need to eat not when I am bored or lonely. Sometimes, I fall back to the emotional eating because that is what I know. But for the most part, I am working on intuitively eating. My blood pressure is good. My sugar levels could be better but aren’t horrible. I am not losing weight, but that will come with time. I need to learn to accept myself the way it is and not worry about the unhealthy behaviors of dieting including shaming my own body.

My back still has days like today where it just burned or ached of and on all day. My feet have improved, but I will need at least one more set of shots. My knee is stronger and not locking up as often.

I have been having problems with the 52 week challenge because I am not a cold weather outdoors person. Instead, I am a fair weather hiker. I know that this needs to change, but that is okay for now. When I have a reason to hike in the cold, I do fairly well. I will work on the 52 hikes in 52 weeks after the holidays. I cannot use being too busy as an excuse because I am supposed to be making my health and training a priority if I am going to be able to finish any of the big hikes we have planned for this summer and the future.

My mood and attitude have greatly improved. I see where I have time to do some of the things I love and where I can improve my time management.  The way I am treating myself is improved, and I wake up looking forward to a busy day.

I feel good about what this challenge has done for me so far and am pleased that I have worked so hard at it. I will definitely do this again and try other healthy challenges.


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