Detox: Day 76

Today was a day to go slow and really treat myself while still getting some important overlooked things done. I started with a simple detox bath: 1 part baking soda to 2 parts Epsom salt. Some might say that I don’t have everything for a detox bath, but these are the vital items. I didn’t feel like adding essential oils today. I don’t know why; I just didn’t.

I had my easy day of small projects. It was great. Then I did a detox yoga practice. It really worked my core through twists not strengthening.

I feel great. I started the detox baths a few years ago because I liked how the made my hair and skin feel. I try to get one in a week, but often fall behind on that. I would have liked to have really cleansed my hair too, but I didn’t know if I was going to stay home today or not.

In the past, I have learned that yoga twists help me relieve constipation and bloating. Any day is a good day to do this for me, but since this was a day to honor myself through pampering, it was a great choice. The practice just flew by.

But, why detox? Well, I wondered that too. It turns out that a detox helps the body clean out toxins. The liver cleans them normally, but with all the toxins in our lives, that is hard work. So we help our bodies once in a while. Toxins come out in urine or through our pores. The bath makes us sweat and flushes that away. The yoga helps to squeeze the digestive organs and move things along.

One last thing to aid the body would be to drink water. Water flushes the toxins our and helps lubricate the bowels. This step though is hard for me. I didn’t work very hard today and I was cold, so I didn’t think about drinking water most of the day. Now I am very dry and will have to make up for it.

I think I will try to bring back the weekly detox days. It is a great way to pamper myself and improve my health.


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