¾ Through the Challenge: Day 75

I am at the ¾ mark; only 25 days left, and I am having difficulty figuring out what to write. Tonight, I learned that I may not be going to my aunt’s 80th birthday party on Saturday because the sky is too overcast. That is the big downfall of flying our own plane. We are much more dependent on good weather than the airliners.

We got snow on Tuesday and Wednesday then the inversion layer stayed. There has been a little bit of moisture in the air off and on for the last two days. So, we either drive or we don’t go. Needless to say, I am disappointed and that is why I am struggling with what to write.

But, on the other hand – I have written 75 posts in 75 days.  Sticking to a challenge this long is unheard of for me. The exercising has not been what I had imagined, but I have done something physical besides my physical therapy every day. Just some days are quick stretches and some days are nice long hikes. I might string several days in a row where I am cleaning or going up and down my stairs several times. I have noticed that my step tracker is recording almost double of what I used to do on average. So I do know that I am moving more. I don’t think it is training worthy, but it is more, and that is something.

I will continue to find things for me to do physically for my training. I have just recently started another challenge it is a 52 Challenge in which I need to get out and hike 52 times. I chose to do a hike a week, but the weather has already thrown a chink into this plan. I didn’t hike Monday because I needed to go grocery shopping between classes when I would normally hike. Then the last three days have been too cold for this fair-weather hiker. So somehow I need to get a hike in sometime in the next three days whether I travel or not.  Maybe it is the physical part of the challenges that I cannot stick to.

So, now I need to start thinking about what I am going to do for the next 25 days and what I am going to do afterwards. I want to keep writing regularly and I want to exercise more each month so that I am ready for the summer and the big hikes we have planned. I also need to be much more prepared for the PCT in just over a year.

So here’s to 75 days and a strong finish to the year in 25 more days.


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