Snow Days: Day 73

The last several years, I have had to go to work on snow days sniveling that all I wanted to do was to lie around, read a book, and drink hot chocolate.  This morning, I woke to snow on the ground, and it was my day off. I couldn’t believe my luck.  But did I lie around reading and drinking hot chocolate? No. I did enjoy the fact that I could look out my window any time I wanted and see the snow, though.

Today, to appreciate the snow day at home, I had a relaxing start exercising, having a hot breakfast, reading, and grading. I also got to sew and organize the Christmas presents so I know what I have for each person. I had a hot lunch and graded some more. I got to wear my cozy clothes and slippers all day. It was a great day.

Every time I looked out the window, I saw tiny flakes in the sky.  The amount of snow on the ground fluctuated all day, but at least it stayed around.  Often we have snow in the morning that melts by noon.  Then if it snows more, the snow melts right away. Only occasionally do we get to have a full day of snow.

I have been relaxed and calm all day.  This is a wonderful way to spend a snow day even if I didn’t get to read with my blanket and hot cocoa. I think I’ll go have a hot bath and a hot drink to finish the night off right.


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