Behind Schedule: Day 72

Every time I think I have gotten ahead or caught up, I find that I am behind. I started this weekend all caught up with my work, and now that I am back,  I am behind again. It doesn’t help that finals are almost here and I have some more traveling to do. I have a lot of interests and commitments. When I look at everything going on, I always see what I still have to do.  It is rare to see that I am done or caught up.

This weekend, I spent it sewing, cooking, canning, and cleaning. I could have been grading, but I had food going bad that I had to do something with. I also had some sewing projects that needed attention. I have some projects that are going to be presents. I don’t want to do it all at once, so I need to spread it out. But it has consequences.

Life always seems to snowball. The things that I could be doing seems to multiply. It is all my own fault though; I enjoy going places and can’t seem to be able to turn down an offer. I enjoy creating things; it relaxes me. I tend to take on activities in the evenings so that I am not alone or bored, but then I need the time to work. So to slow down, I gave up commitments to the most stressful activities. This helps…until I add something else.


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