Life is Happening Now: Day 70

We must be careful of the “Somedays” and the “Whens” in our lives.  We can easily get caught in them thinking that life will be better when something happens or after we reach a certain point in our lives.  We fall prey to thinking that someday we will do something. But those are faulty thoughts or dreams.

When we put our hopes on when something happens, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Something greater is always going to come along making us wish for it or the next moment.  Our efforts might be minimized by ourselves if we don’t pay attention to what we are achieving now or what we have now. If we don’t appreciate the present the future will be the same always waiting for the when.

The same goes for thinking that we will get to something someday. Someday is a pipe dream.  By waiting for someday, we are waiting for a miracle. We need to take action in order to reach that someday wish. Nothing happens without some type of action. In fact no action is a choice to keep waiting and wishing. To make a dream a reality we need to start with a choice of some sort then follow through. We don’t have to be driven and work relentlessly toward the someday dream, but we do need to take regular action.

I spent many years thinking that someday I would do this or that. At one time I had wanted to ride my bike on Highway 1 from Jenner Grade to Point Area, but it was just something I kept talking about. I hung it on when I lost a certain number of pounds. But I didn’t ride my bike.  I struggled with my weight. It was just a dream.

But when I decided to hike the PCT, I had an epiphany. The hike wouldn’t happen if I didn’t make some decisions and act upon them. So I set a date and started hiking and training. I faltered at times. I even faltered for a long time. I learned some lessons along the way. I have panicked too. But, I am still taking forward action towards my desire to hike the PCT. I might not be preparing in a way others would think is right or even showing passion, but I am doing it the best I can every day. I am present in my life by enjoying each day and appreciating what I have now.  I know that I will make it to hike the PCT. It might be difficult at first, but I will do it.


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