Human Hamster Ball: Day 66

In writing group today, we were talking about exercising a cat.  I suggested getting a cat sized hamster ball. From there, we talked about putting people in human sized hamster balls.  At first it was just fun exercise where the person could run around a park in their ball.  I remember as a kid, we had a pipe that we would take turns riding in while the other would push us.  We had scraped elbows, but it was a blast.  We even got to where we could walk on the pipe.  So in thinking about the human ball, I imagined that pure fun children get.  It would be a blast for the first dozen or so times with friends taking turns. Then the novelty would wear off, and we would have to find someone else to play with us.  Eventually it would be put in a corner to gather dust like the treadmill.

But our conversation turned. We began to talk about how to control it and how to keep from rolling down a hill. This brought us to having a small trap door in it, so that we could use it to run all over town and the door would be handy to use at a drive up.  But, imagine having to have the patience to be able to line up the trap door with the drive up window.  Our great idea suddenly had a flaw.

It would be fun though to have something like this.  I believe I have seen something like this for water.  I also think that there was something like this in the 80s or 90s, and people were racing in them down hills.  So as I have been told before, there are other people around the world who think of the same types of things as we do, just some of them do something with their ideas.

I would line up to try a human sized hamster ball if I didn’t have to buy it and store it. Imagine the exercise we would get just playing.


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