Rest Day: Day 64

Yesterday turned into a rest day. It is a needed day no matter what type of endeavor we are taking on.  It is also a difficult one to allow ourselves.  Yesterday I was exhausted from all the cleaning, cooking, hiking, and visiting done over the holiday weekend.  I had planned on cleaning, grading, and exercising, but exhaustion got the better of me.  I sat on the computer and did little except for some stretching.  I felt guilty and ate too.  But the rest day did wonders.

Today, I was able to do everything that I had wanted to do in the two days.  I was highly motivated most of the day.  The house is clean, the bedding is washed, grading is done, and prepping for class has been completed.  Yoga was delightful.

I woke up this morning with a stiff and aching back and legs.  Now I feel stretched and ready for tomorrow.  I have wondered through the last 63 days if I should allow myself a rest day with the exercise but didn’t because most of the exercising was light.  Now after three days of hiking, I can see the benefit and also realize that had I been exercising as I had thought I would have for the challenge, I would have needed to have had rest days.  I hope to continue on the same momentum we built this weekend, so my down days will have to be yoga.

The saying, the body at rest stays at rest may be true much of the time because it is hard to get started, but a body that doesn’t rest, cannot continue indefinitely.


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