Opting Outside At Hazen: Day 62ish

For Black Friday, our family always opts outside.  Like I said before, we were doing it long before it was a thing. We used to play in the forest or on the beach.  Now we hike.  We hike wherever we happen to be.  This Black Friday, the closest hiking location that I haven’t taken everyone to happened to be at Hazen. One of my cousins and I have hiked there several times, but the others have not.

The morning started late.  We headed out around 11 instead of earlier in the week. The late nights have started to catch up to us, and we were moving slower.  The air was warmer than the previous two days, but the wind was beginning to blow.  It didn’t stop us.  We were on a mission to hike every day that they were there.

We decided to start uIMG_20180621_123948739p the hill at the steepest point then finish up with an easier trail. The trail we took was a three mile loop.  Everyone is amazed at the distance and rise that we must make to get to the saddle between the two buttes.  It is almost a mile from the parking to the saddle, all up hill at a pretty good grade.  It isn’t difficult with rocks to climb or ruts to navigate, but it is steep and steady.  But once at the top, the view is great.

We discussed climbing the butte, but our legs were tired from the climbing the previous two days and this first leg. So we opted to continue on around the hill. The trail was great and we were having a good conversation until we moved out away from the hills. Then the wind hit us with such force that we could have leaned into it, and it would have held us up.  The first gust pushed us around until we got our footing.

From there on, we were heads down and moving on with a speedier pace.  I learned that I have a pretty consistent pace though.  Fast is not that much different from my steady pace – though it really is not that fast. The wind made conversation pretty much nonexistent.  We were happy when we got back to the car and were able to get out of it.  But, all in all, the hike was a good one.

Next Thanksgiving and Black Friday should be on the coast.


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