Peak Bagging: Day 61

Thanks Giving day and we opted outside for a bit.  We took a hike at the local hill that overlooks the town and the county.  It is a fun hill to hike because there are many trails that crisscross and loop around.  A person has many choices to make so the trail can different every time.

Today we started out taking the longer less steep slopes.  We climbed up to the first peak and looked over town noticing how many trees there actually are in the area.  Then we went to another nob on the hill and looked out over the trap club, the raceway, and the reservoir.  The breeze was cool and blowing my hair into my face, but we relished the sun.  We watched a local run their dog by putting them out of the truck and driving making the dog run after them, a local method of dog walking. Then we looked around and discussed the other peaks and whether or not we needed to be on top of all of them.  The consensus was that we needed to find out what lay beyond each one.

We crossed over the low part of the hill top to the next highest peak.  Standing on that my brother wondered where the breweries were.  We took that time to pose for silly pictures.  We danced, pretended to push each other off the peak, and were goofy.  Descending from that one we crossed to the cross and looked out over the reservation then crossed again to the lesser rises. Finishing up, we started to return to the car, but decided that we had to check out the only cave on the hill. Then we wandered back down and around to the car zigzagging around following random trails.

All in all, we climbed six peaks on the one hill today.  It was fun seeing how we have these needs to see or complete all challenges that we face or to experience all the curiosities that come our way.  Today it was all the peaks. Yesterday it was over the next rise. Next time it could be around the coming bend.


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