Grimes Point Ridge: Day 60

This morning in the 35 degree weather, I took my family on a hike to Grimes Point where there are petroglyphs.  The trail is less than a mile, but it extends into a trip up the mountain to a lookout.  From there we followed the ridgeline half way to the Hidden Caves portion of the park.

This trail has a lot of ups and downs because of the ridge walking.  I really like this trail because it is so wide open.  It is high desert landscape at the edge of the ancient Lake Lahontan.  This is where we can look across to other mountains in the range and see the water marks for different levels.  The petroglyphs possibly show hunting symbols, and the caves were homes or protection along the lake’s edge.  I love that I can see across the valley and see the other side of town and the navy base.  I can stand and watch the maneuvers of the airplanes and hear the roar of the jets as they take off.

Sharing it today was fun.  We weren’t cold as long as we kept moving. The sun wasn’t too bright.  We talked about anything that came to our minds.  We laughed and raced.  We gasped for air when the trail became tough.  But through it all, we were inspiring each other to keep going.  We learned that my brother is also like us.  All of us have to see what is over the mountain.  Even though we think we are only going so far, we continue until we are at the top so that we know what is up there or down in the next valley. Today we were rewarded with a US Geological survey marker. At the top of the mountain, just before the trail starts down again, is lava rock with tufa and lichen on it, and in the middle, is the marker cemented to the rock.  It is quite picturesque.  I am glad to have experienced finding it with the family. When I first found it, I was by myself and didn’t know that it was going to be there.  It was a nice surprise.  This time we were looking for it, but still enjoyed the hunt.

Sharing old or loved hiking locations with family makes the location special again. It is a time of sharing instead of discovering.



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