16 Months: Day 59

My cousin notified me that the reservations for the PCT passes for the 2019 season opened this month and were taken almost right away.  That go us thinking about what we have to do to be prepared in 2020 when we want to go.  We would like to get the prime departure days of March or April, so we are going to have to be aware and ready to get them next November.

We have a lot of other things to do too.  We have to get busy hiking every weekend.  One hike a month is not going to prepare us for our grand adventure.  We will have to eat right and exercise regularly.  No more just accepting that we are doing more than normal as I have been these last few weeks.  I have to make a concerted effort to use my time wisely and physically.

I have agreed to do a 52 week challenge of hiking at least once a week.  We also will make sure that we hike together more often.  This year we haven’t even made it once a month.  We have some longer hikes planned, but we need to do some day hikes too.  The 52 week challenge and the hiking together will be starting this weekend.  We are going to go hiking on the Grimes Point ridgeline tomorrow and make sure that we get in two more hikes while everyone is here this weekend.  Then we will have to start setting dates to hike so that I won’t fill my weekends up with no time for the great outdoors.

With all this in mind, my cousin, who likes numbers, realized that we have 16 months to prepare for our trip.  We need to also get our gear lighter.  We should have someone go through it with us.  I was hoping a colleague would do it, but he has since retired.  So now we will see if we can find someone else do a shake down.  I need to start making myself drink more water because I will need to be used to drinking the greater amounts of water to drink enough on my trip.  We will have to get our resupply figured out and start packing those boxes.

What gets me the most is by putting a number on how long before our trip, it feels so much closer.  All this time I’ve been saying we are going to hike the PCT in 2020.  That makes it seem far away. Something that will eventually come but it is not pressing to prepare.  However, stating that it is 16 months away, things get real and the time becomes more immediate. It is now imperative to prepare because those months will just slip away. To make it even more urgent, we can put it inot weeks.  We have 64 weeks before we would like to leave on our trip. That is 64 hikes that we need to do.  But we also need to be sure to hike more than just the once a week trips.  We need long ones, we need short day trips, we need to use our time hiking.


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