Thanks Giving is Coming: Day 56

With Thanks Giving right around the corner, I am very busy as I am sure everyone else is.  So we are in the countdown for the big day and for the day that everyone arrives.  I am excited and have my days planned out.  I have a certain amount of cleaning and prepping to do.  So I sat down this morning and listed what I still need to do and wrote up the menus.  This brought clarity to my to do list. Now, I don’t feel like I will forget something and that I will get it all done in time.

I had to stay off my feet today, so I started out with the things that I would prefer to push off until I could no longer.  I graded and paid bills and did laundry.  So tomorrow, still staying off my feet as much as I can, I will clean my office and make the futon.  In doing this I will spend a good amount of time sitting sifting through my paperwork.  But then the real work will come in.  I have four beds to make, three rooms to clean, two pies and two breads to bake, and hiking.

I am going to take my family on at least four different trails in the local area.  I will be doing this around more cooking, cleaning, and setting up.  But, knowing that we will be going on hikes everyday they are all here makes it easier for me to be sitting around now.

Opting outside is a big thing with us.  It started when we were kids.  We would always go to Thanks Giving in the redwoods at my grandparent’s house.  While my grandmother, three aunts, and mother were getting the meals ready, the nine of us kids would be out playing hide and seek, tag, hiking, and going to the beach.  The only years we didn’t opt outside were the years the snow kept my family from going over Donner Pass to get there.  Then we would all hibernate in the house until we drove one of the parents crazy and were forced to bring in fire wood for the night.

Because of the way our family treated Thanks Giving, I look forward to the outdoor activities including hiking and a fire just as much as I look forward to stuffing myself on delicious foods that everyone helps prepare.

Opt outside is a new movement from REI and other outdoors groups designed to get people outside instead of in the malls.  But to my family it is a long standing tradition. Hopefully I will have tales to tell about our trails.


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