Shots in the Feet: Day 55

What a great way to start a busy Thanksgiving week. I scheduled my podiatrist appointment to get a nerve rebuilding shot in my feet without thinking how close it is to Thanksgiving.  For most people, this might not be a problem, but my family does Thanksgiving week not day. My family likes to opt outside all of Thanksgiving week weather providing.  This is not a tradition I would want to pass up if I don’t have to.

I am one of the lucky ones whose feet are just like their backs.  My feet bother me almost as often as my back does; however, with my back hiking helps.  With my feet, hiking hurts. To get my feet taken care of before I make some longer trips, I started this fall by getting better every-day shoes to help alleviate the pain and discomfort I had been experiencing. At the Reno Running Store, the salesman helped me pick out a pair of Altras with no drop and a wide toe box with narrow heels.  This made a world of difference.  I even thought that I might get away with that and not need the shots in my feet.  But, as I spent time working in my kitchen with them on, I realized that it was helping, but my nerve problem was still there.

So, I went to my appointment to get my shots. To say I was anxious does not cover it. My podiatrist told me that my x-rays showed the bones in my feet are very close together and are pinching and rubbing the nerves raw.  The wide shoebox allows them to spread, but the sheaths on the nerves are already damaged.  The shots he gave me today will help to rebuild them, but it takes several times to do the job.  I was told it would be painful, and they weren’t joking.  The doctor blasts cold air on the location of the shot to help reduce the pain. It did help, but my toes decided to cramp up anyway.

I haven’t been able to walk normal since then, and I am supposed to stay off them the best I can for the next couple of days. Days I have planned to bake and clean and make beds.  So, instead I am going to actually do my job and grade tomorrow and do laundry.  I hope that I will be able to clean some bedrooms and make beds on Sunday.  Then Monday I will be teaching – we’ll be watching movies, so I can sit. But on Tuesday, I need to finish cleaning because that is when a bunch of my relatives will be arriving.  Wednesday is supposed to be baking and hiking. The podiatrist thinks that I should be able to hike by next weekend, but he doesn’t know the rest of my schedule.

Good thing everyone can help cook.


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