No Soda: Day 45

I’m standing at a juice dispenser at a hotel getting juice to go with my breakfast.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see a female in a similar sweatshirt as my granddaughter step up to the soda fountain.  Instantly I say, “No soda.” There is a pause, and I look over. My granddaughter is not the female standing next to my, but a slightly older pregnant lady.

She looks startled and replies, “It’s just water.”

Immediately, I apologize profusely for the mistake and explain to her that my granddaughters were with me, and she looked like one of them at first glance.  I wasn’t trying to mind other people’s business, just trying to help my granddaughters make healthy choices.  We laughed over the mistake, but I was completely embarrassed.  I need to start making sure I know who I am talking to in busy places.  I might actually offend someone someday.

Luckily this woman had a good sense of humor.  I imagine that she immediately told her family about the incidence. I know I did.  I was teased about that for a couple of days. But it was a good laugh.


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