I Don’t Wanna: Day 44

Today is one of those days where I just don’t wanna…play, write, exercise…. I just wanna eat and veg.  I guess this is telling of what kind of weekend I had.

I had a busy, taxing weekend.  Two days of flying takes a lot out of me. On top of that, I walked more than I had since the last time I hiked in Tahoe.  And, this weekend the walking wasn’t very much in the grand scheme of things. But it all adds up and takes a toll on the body.

I know that I need to be aware of these feelings because it would be easy to be swept along indulging myself. I could easily just sit and watch TV or read magazines instead of writing, exercising, napping, or anything else that would actually benefit me.  I have done this many times before. When I’m tired, I tend to vegetate and eat.  That is what got me to this state that I am in. Once the ball is rolling, it is difficult to stop it.

What I must do, is push through and ask myself if I can do something that will be of benefit instead of falling back into the old actions.  This afternoon, I took a nap.  It helped a lot. Instead of eating, I gave my body much needed restorative time.  This evening, in the middle of eating my way through the night, I stopped and walked back to my office.  It took a while to actually begin writing, but I was no longer eating. And now that the momentum has been restored, I am writing and will exercise soon.

It is the little things we change that make the biggest differences.  If I don’t make the little changes, the bigger changes become something that is pushed aside by the old habits.  When I face something that would trigger an old habit, I must stop and pay attention to it looking for the one small change that will stop the old or replace the old patterns.  One thing at a time will add up to a lifestyle change.

So now I must be off to exercise to help set that routine.


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