On a surprise trip – Days 41ish and 42

Day 41ish

Packing for a trip my husband gave to me and my family, baking pomegranate scones, doing laundry, walking, and attending a pot luck kept me busy until after midnight. It wasn’t until I woke up that I realized that I didn’t write.  So now I need to write twice as much since the purpose is to make this a regular blog.

I was going to walk at the park after lunch, but I felt I had too much to do and couldn’t take the time.  But once I got the baking and bills done, I felt I had the time to exercise before my shower and leaving. I got on the treadmill knowing I would put in a mile at least.

It is amazing how fast a mile passes when concentrating on my breathing or just letting my brain go.  I redecorated my retreat and imagined the pot luck while taking those steps. I even read and analyzed a few poems.

Because the time went so quickly/easily, I couldn’t help but wonder why I didn’t hop on the treadmill more often. I could have walked those nights when I procrastinated so much.  I could have been on the treadmill when I was piecing together exercises.

In my mind though, the treadmill was such drudgery to get through. Entertainment was a necessity in order to pass the time on the treadmill.  I forgot how effective my brain can be when I let it.

Recently I bought an elliptical to replace the treadmill. Once they get swapped out, I hope that I’ll use the elliptical more like I think I will.

Day 42

My husband is such a wonderful man.  For my birthday, and my father’s, He flew five of us to the coast (Point Arena) to be able to support another cousin with her restaurant opening. I had promised my hiking cousin to go hiking this weekend, and he came along on the trip. So, after flying most of the day and sitting in the car for an hour, I was antsy.  My parents and husband wanted to rest. But my cousin and I felt the need to move. I was also excited about seeing the other cousin’s restaurant. So we decided to hike up from the wharf through town and surprise my cooking cousin. It was a great hike.  We walked trough grass and on the side of the road reminiscing about the old days.  We laughed at ourselves and became the butt of each other’s jokes. We discussed the fact that we both forgot to turn on our tracking devices to record the hike and how that must not count for our weight loss.  And, we planned Thanksgiving.  It was great to be out in the fresh air with greenery and the sound of the ocean filling our ears.

We’re in a hotel that overlooks the wharf which is the only place to eat dinner and walked down and back up that road also – twice. It was a good day for hiking.

Tomorrow we will be hiking before our breakfast. What a wonderful birthday present.


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