Hiking on the Bluff – Day 43

We woke up at 6:30 this morning to go for an early hike before breakfast at my cousin’s new restaurant. Our hotel was on the cliff overlooking the wharf and had several levels to it giving most of the rooms a view of the ocean. At the back of the top level, there is a locked gate that, with a code, we could gain access to a five mile bluff walk that spans between the hotel and the light house.  This is a beautiful place to hike, and for the most part, it is very easy. The climb out of the hotel is a bit difficult, but the rest is quite nice. We started going up as we usually do – a couple of good switchbacks and a steep climb. There could have been a couple more switchbacks making the trip back into the hotel property safer and easier.

Once on top, the trail leveled out quite a bit. There was mostly tall grass and some scraggly trees as well as cypress and redwood.  The trail followed the edge of the cliff at a safe distance.  We got to see the sun come up on the town and wharf and the tide to make its way in.  There were miles of blue skies and waters to watch. A heron and coyote also showed up for us. We saw raccoon tracks and scat.

Because we had a date at the new restaurant, we kept the hike relatively short, but it was worth every minute.  We will definitely be back on this trail the next time we are there.  About a mile in, we came across a picnic table by some cypress and a nice clearing there was even a port-a-potty.  Who wouldn’t love to be on the trail?

On our return trip, the views of the wharf were a bit surreal.  There was a light haze, and with the rising sun, the wharf looked old timey.  The colors were muted (except for the bright sun and ocean), and the buildings and cars on the shore looked like a sepia photo.  It was definitely a photo opportunity for photographers.

If you try this trail, you can pick it up at either end. I would suggest going early morning or nearing sunset.  Just don’t get stuck out there in the dark.  The bluff can be tricky when you can’t see well.


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