Sleeplessness: Day 39

I came to my computer to write, but instead, I play games.  I am procrastinating. I am tired.  By playing games, I am putting off going to bed, but I am also putting off thinking. I find myself procrastinating often lately.  It isn’t because I am super busy all day, but that I am not sleeping well at night.

Some solutions for not sleeping at night are to limit the computer time.  I know this, and yet, here I am wasting my time on the computer instead of sitting down, writing, and going to bed.  Other solutions are to write out what is on my mind.  If I can get rid of all the things that are on the merry-go-round in my head onto paper, I can usually calm the chaos.

Exercise is another solution.  I could have gone for a walk at some point today, but I didn’t.  I took a nap and graded.  Now I have to find an exercise to do when I finish here.  This will wake me up more than help me sleep.  So I am perpetuating the lack of sleepiness during the night when I should be sleeping.

So, what am I going to do differently? That is the idea here. If I find a problem with my health, I need to see what I am going to change to help improve it instead of make things worse.  I am going to try to write and exercise earlier in the day instead of waiting until almost bedtime.  These should help a lot.

However, this procrastinating at the computer is doing one thing for me. It is keeping me from eating.  I have found that sitting in front of the computer instead of the TV eliminates my late night snacking.  So, I solved one problem but created another. Time for a change.


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