Bring Back Wireless Bras: Day 38

Sorry guys, this isn’t meant to be titillating.

I was thinking today that I wish there were a place where I could talk to the public about bras.  Then I realized that I have a place where I can talk to the public about anything I wish.  This is so convenient.  Thanks for that.  I’m still not used to the fact that people outside my crew might actually read what I write.

In most of my adult life I have worn underwire bras.  This is partly because I believed that is what I needed because of the shape my breasts are in from breast feeding.  But lately it is because somewhere in the past 30 years, bra manufacturers have forgotten how to make a decent wireless bra.

When I was in high school, I wouldn’t have been caught in an underwire bra.  They looked painful.  The wireless were made for comfort, support, and looks.  That is the purpose of underwire now.  If I want a good bra, I am going to buy one with an underwire.

Today the wireless bras mimic sports bra.  It might clasp in the back and look like it has cups, but in reality, once it is on, it holds the same as a sports bra.  Don’t get me wrong, sports bras have a purpose (sports) and are good for that, but not to wear with nice business clothes.

But here’s the problem…some women cannot wear an underwire but want the support of it. Since my first biopsy, I have been having problems with underwire bras.  The wire presses against the incisions.   I have been told that many women can never wear an underwire again.  I have purchased several wireless bras in the last six weeks and have not been impressed.  The construction and materials are wrong.  What happened to the patterns of the past? It isn’t rocket science.  These companies made very well designed and constructed wireless bras in the past.  Couldn’t they go to their storage and dig out some of the proven designs?

I would be willing to bet that if the companies used some of the old designs and materials, wireless bras could make a comeback.  The surgery isn’t the only reason to go wireless.  The wires often break or poke out the side of the bra.  I have red spots on my sides right now because of a wayward wire rubbing me while I was at work and couldn’t fix it or change.  The wires also cause some women problems in the underboob region too.

Bring back the proven wireless bras! It would be a good business move. The current ones are crap.


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