Ear Aches: Day 37

Growing up, I didn’t get ear aches.  I was 21 and pregnant for my first ear ache.  At the time, prescribing antibiotics was the first thing that the doctors did for an ear infection.  Now, they are a bit conservative. Unfortunately, with my second pregnancy, I had many ear aches. Probably because my immune system was worn down trying to take care of a two year old and work a full time job.  I was given many antibiotics those nine months.  My son paid for that.  He was born immune to amoxicillin.

Now when I have ear aches I try to take care of it myself.  Some where several years ago, I read that using apple cider vinegar helped.  So, I soaked a cotton swab in it and just ran the cotton swab around in my ear to get the vinegar into my ear.  It seemed to work.  The ear aches would go away fairly quickly.  I used this frequently.  There has been no official study on why apple cider vinegar or even white vinegar works, but that is the way it is with home remedies.

Then a couple of years ago, I started getting swimmer’s ear.  The wax in my ear swells with water acting like a sponge.  The water makes a funny sound and makes it hard to hear clearly.  I had heard of people cleaning their ears with peroxide, so I tried it.  It is one of the main ingredients in the ear cleaning kits. I put a few drops into my ear and let it percolate for awhile.  The peroxide helped, but I always needed a lot of flushing with warm water afterwards.  But, any pain related to the swimmer’s ear would disappear as well.  Now, I had two remedies.

I have to be careful though.  While in graduate school, I had a bout with vertigo which we never found out what caused it. It was horrible.  I couldn’t drive for a month.  My thinking and coordination as well as my stomach and head were messed up from it.  Unfortunately, since then I have to be careful or I get a moment of dizziness.

After two days of my ears hurting and trying the remedies, I flushed my ear with peroxide today.  Then I had to flush it with warm water because the wax turned into a sponge again.  When it all finally cleared, I left the bathroom to find out that my house was spinning.  I had set of the vertigo.  Closing my eyes and waiting a few minutes helped but did not clear it.  My sinuses are backed up, so I know that this is contributing to the pain and the ear ache. Now I have to hope that going to sleep with help with the dizziness.

The pain has lessened, but I wonder if the home remedy was better than antibiotics this time.


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