To Become Healthy: Day 36

If I had to narrow what I must do to become healthy into one thing, it would be to lose weight.  So much would improve if I could just lose weight. Many people think that if a person knows that they need to lose weight, they could just quit eating so much or quit eating the wrong thing.  I even fall into this mindset at times, but I also know that that is not the problem.  Most people are not obese simply because they choose to overeat.  There are always other things behind it. For me, it is the emotional eating and sugar addiction.

On a regular basis, I try to set up my day so that I can make the right choices.  I try to not have sweet foods in my house, keep busy, drink water before I eat, and make rules of when and how many sweets I can have.  This fails regularly.  I can choose not to eat sweets sometimes.  But other times, I uncontrollably grab the wrong foods.  If I eat a sweet early in the day, I want it the rest of the day.  If I am having some difficulty, I want sweets more than normal.  I have read that sugar addiction is just as difficult to break as it is with drugs.  I believe this.  I have been fighting this enemy for many years.  I can break the trend for awhile, but when I have sugar again, I go off the deep end and cannot satisfy the craving.  I understand that I need to just keep it out of my diet all together; however, sugar is in all processed foods.  This means that I must make all my own foods, and it is a good idea, but not always feasible.

The emotional eating is difficult too because I eat when I am bored and when I am lonely and with the extreme emotions.  This pretty much looks like all the time.  I do well when I cook all day or when I am hiking or in my yard all day, but I cannot sustain that.  And no matter what, evening comes.  That is when I am done with my work, so I often feel I am done with everything.  I sit on the couch and watch TV for the next several hours and eat my way through the mindless TV programs.

This 100 day challenge has been helping with that.  I cannot exercise with a full stomach, so I have to quit eating dinner at some point so I can exercise.  Also, when I am in my office writing, I don’t get up to eat as often.  I can go several hours without thinking of eating.  This is why I want to make the challenge into some type of life style change.  I don’t expect to blog daily; it is difficult to think of a new topic every day.  But, working on some of my projects would be a great thing for me.  I could also spend time researching for some of my projects and for the blog.  I definitely need to exercise every day.  So, to become healthy, I need to lose weight.  And, to lose weight, I need to stay away from the food.  I can do this with continuing the challenge in the future with a few modifications.


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