Challenges: Day 32

Internet challenges are everywhere.  All walks of life seem to have heard of them and many are trying them.  Why? Some for the thrill, some for the quick fix, and others to try something different.  I am doing challenges to try something different.  Some I hope to make a lifestyle change, and some I just want to know if they are effective.

I don’t do or condone the life threatening challenges that so many of our kids are doing.  I don’t understand the thrill behind it; although, I do understand youth chasing thrills.  It is a societal problem that so many are intentionally hurting themselves and others with these challenges. Are we so lost that we need these as our few minutes of fame? I hope not, but it is not just a onetime deal. A challenge takes off until it wears out then another appears. Sometimes the same kids are doing all the challenges too. So, in my mind, that is telling us that the kids need something.  They are searching for something.  I just wish we could figure out what it is so we could fill that hole and stop the stupidity.

Of course, I am thinking of this as I am contemplating another challenge.  I am deep into this 100 day challenge and doing well.  Sometimes I don’t feel I am giving the exercise part full attention, but I also am still healing from surgery.  This one is for a lifestyle change. But as I am looking for something to write or another exercise to try for the night, I come across one challenge after another, and these are healthy challenges.  So I try an arm routine and an ab workout.  They make my heart rate rise, and I can feel the burn, but I wonder what good one day with these exercises would do? Should I do them regularly for several days to see any benefit? Then again, if I did these as a week or a month challenge, stopped, and moved onto another challenge, is there any benefit to that?  I am tempted to try the challenges, but I think that realistically having a variety of exercises that are preformed would be the wisest.  If I do something for my arms and abs one day and legs or aerobic exercise another never getting back to the exact exercise, but hitting the muscle groups, I would be doing myself a favor. Things would be mixed up and fresh.  I wouldn’t face boredom or problems with repetition.  I just need to remember that aerobic exercise is important multiple times a week, and hiking is the best way to prepare for backpacking.


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