Get Up and Move: Day 29

Today is a get up and move day.  I actually have had to tell myself that several times today.  I woke up uncomfortable, so I did my exercises and ate breakfast. But then I sat at the computer for a while and sat on the couch looking at cookbooks until I fell asleep for a while.  When I finally got moving, I had to do laundry and my normal weekend chores.

I worked on the computer for several hours until my eyes couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to get up and move. But the movement was watering my potted plants outside.  Then I worked some more until I had to get up and move. So, I prepared dinner and took out the compost.

Not much moving today. I am still tired from the surgery and not moving much makes me feel even more tired. I know I need to move to feel better, but the directive isn’t reaching my limbs very well. It is mired in the sludge of my brain. Instead I worked and ate. I didn’t drink enough water which made me light headed and sluggish.

Now it is almost time for bed, and I am trying to get my exercising and water intake caught up.  Kind of backward today.  Now I will be up all night because I am restless and need to pee every ten minutes. The take away from today is to get up and get moving earlier. Drink water before I eat. Move more often between computer projects. Get up and move.


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