Fall: Day 28ish

I love fall.  It is the perfect temperature to be outside.  It is cool, so I can look forward to warming up and building body heat as I exercise or work in my yard. I can wear sweaters and layer my clothes. I know that one day it will be warm when I go outside and cool the next.  The garden is coming to an end, and the leaves on the trees are turning color and falling off.

This year it has taken longer to get to this point, but it is here. We close up the patio doors at night to keep the heat in and open them in the day to air out the house and let the sounds of my waterfall in. It is peaceful. It helps me want to do things. This week, while I was supposed to be recuperating, I made mincemeat with my green tomatoes wishing that the apples were from my trees as well. I dream of the year that my soon to be orchard will produce enough for me to preserve the fruits and eat an abundance.  The only thing left in my yard is my butternut squash; they have a little ripening to do, so they sit under a tarp soaking up the heat changing color as well.  I have peas in the greenhouse for the first time growing little peas to help carry us through the winter with fresh vegetables.  Shortly img_20161029_090049676I will be planting lettuce and tomatoes. I might even try cucumbers.

When I hike, I watch for the changes in the desert.  There are many. Tarantulas come out. Rain washes new paths and cleans the brush. The fresh scent of rabbit brush and sage taint the air. Some things are flowering and others are turning brown. All are getting ready for the winter hibernation.  The cool air leaves my cheeks pinched pink and my hands sensitive to the breeze.

I am mentally ready to be back on the trail. The fall is calling me. The cool air teases me. I can picture the bright green trees and the spongy undergrowth up in the hills with the overcast backdrop. I want to be on the trail. Maybe next week, I’ll be physically able to go for a little hike.


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