Overdoing It: Day 27

I have been an over-doer for most of my life.  If anyone can overdo something, it can be me.  I don’t like to be told I can’t do something. It doesn’t matter what or why. I have been told to take it easy, don’t push things, a little goes a long way most of my life.

There is a reason for that. If a little is good; isn’t a lot better? I feel fine one day, so I take on more. More responsibilities, more work, more projects. But always there is a time when I can push further no more. Today is the no more day. I have been beat all day.  I can hardly get myself to get off the couch.

What led to this? I had a fundraiser yard sale last Saturday. I did all my weekend chores on Sunday to make up for what I didn’t do on Saturday. Then I taught all day Monday and tried to fit in errands that I knew I couldn’t do on Tuesday. Tuesday was surgery day, and I still tried to get some work done before going in. Wednesday, I took it easy. Kind of. I did work but easy work. I didn’t go in to work though because my husband asked me to stay home. Thursday, I felt really good, so I helped to pick up my new to me elliptical and I canned until late into the night. Today, when I got up, I was good for nothing.  I have been lying around all day feeling bad that I am not cleaning or doing any of the things on my list. I made myself go in to work to get some prepping done. Then I went grocery shopping to only find myself dragging the cart through the aisles putting stuff in that I didn’t really need. Back at home, I finally took a nap and did some dishes.  Now I am ready to go to bed.  I will get a few stretches or some yoga done so I can keep on with the 100 day challenge. But it has been a hard day.

I know why I am told to take it easy. But taking it easy doesn’t come to me naturally. If someone is working, then I should too. That is what wipes me out so much, though, and gets me into trouble. I will work on taking it easy the rest of the weekend.


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