General Anesthesia Detox: Day 26

When I told a friend of mine that I was going to have surgery, she offered to help me with a detox for general anesthesia (GA).  I didn’t know that there was such a thing, but I jumped at the chance because I trust her research and knowledge.  It turns out that GA toxins can stay in the body for quite a while.  I have had several surgeries before, and each one seemed to make me groggier than the last.  I felt sluggish and unhealthy.  The sluggishness, symptoms of the flue, and a sense of being ill were mentioned as results of the GA by my surgeon.

My friend told me to take aloe vera juice, milk thistle, grape seed, and gotu kola.  These will help to clean and protect the digestive system, the kidney, and the liver.  This is where the GA will settle and take its time leaving.  So with these items, I can expect that the sluggishness and grogginess won’t stick around as long.

It is recommended to start taking the aloe vera juice and milk thistle a week or two before surgery, but not the day of surgery.  I stopped taking them five days before the surgery because my admitting nurse suggested it.  I don’t want to cause any problems.  Some of these can interact with the medication given during surgery or they can cause bleeding problems in some people.  So, I follow instructions.

It is now two days after my surgery, and I feel great.  I started taking all the suggested herbals the next morning. I still get my tired moments, but my body is healing and rest will do it good.  I did not remain groggy or dizzy past the first night post opp. I quickly regained my energy and desire to do things.

The other part of recovery is to be sure to drink lots of fluids (especially water) and eat plenty of fruit and raw vegetables. This kind of fiber will also help take the toxins out with it as the water flushes out the system.

My doctor stated that the site wouldn’t be very painful, and she was right.  My biggest pain is from the hours of lying in bed while I was waiting to be taken back to surgery. My friend said she could help with the GA detox, and she was right too.  I will continue to take this combination as was suggested. Every day I feel better.


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