I Wish HeWould Snore: Day 25

When my son was a baby, I would awaken when I couldn’t hear him breathing.  Now I lay next to my husband wishing he would snore.  At least when he snores, I know he is breathing.  There is nothing like having a family member stop breathing in their sleep.  Unfortunately, that is how my aunt lost her husband, so I have been afraid of this for a long time.

My son was a sickly child.  It was something I learned to listen for and would fly out of bed when I couldn’t hear his breathing.  My husband isn’t sickly though.  He may have sleep apnea. This is something I have been thinking about quite a bit lately.  I have seen a handful of doctors recently and they all have asked me if I have sleep apnea.  I had to answer that I probably did as I snore, but never looked into it.  Now that so many have brought it up, I am considering it. However, after a night of laying  awake with my hand on my husband’s arm to make him take the next breath because I couldn’t get him to turn over, I think that we both need to get tested.

The symptoms of sleep apnea are snoring (especially loudly), stopping breathing, gasping for air, feeling groggy upon awakening, falling asleep during the day (and while driving).  There are some online quizzes to see if you probably have it, and there are a couple of tests the doctor can order to be sure.  One is an at home test and the other is a sleep study.  The sleep study is the most accurate.

Sleep apnea can cause weight gain, heart problems, stroke, diabetes, depression, and accidents.  None of these are things I want to risk.  So, why do I procrastinate getting this checked out?  I hope that lifestyle change will turn it around.  Also, I am reluctant to use a CPAP.  But there are other treatments to help with this aliment.  I have been waiting for a lifestyle change to help me out for a few years and finally gave in to treating my blood pressure this year.  So, why not the sleep problem?  My therapist asks me that question.  I like to think that I am trying to space out what I am trying to fix. I had taken care of my back.  I went in to get my feet taken care of and got put on blood pressure medicine and found a lump in my breast.  So I have those three things going on.  I am also now seeing a therapist to help me with my emotional eating and stress management.  I don’t know how I can fit more appointments into my days.  But, maybe it is time to get it checked out.

I am told that taking care of sleep apnea could help with the stress and eating problems.  It would definitely help with clarity during the day. Maybe I will quit forgetting words I want to use.  It would probably make me a safer driver.  This is something I should not put off any longer.  Hopefully, my husband won’t either. I don’t look forward to more sleepless nights.


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