The Green Cloud: Day 19

Exhaustion has settled in.  I have things to do, but as I sit here trying to come up with a good topic to write about, I am falling asleep.  I had good sleep last night, but this is something that takes over during any day when I am seated for a while.

Earlier today I was doing some research that would help this fatigue.  I also suffer with brain fog and gas. Oh, the gas gets me.  It is nasty and burns, and I have to work around people.  All day long my stomach grumbles and I walk in a fog.  What I realized, yet again, is that I am eating too much sugar.  The sugar has caused many problems, but it takes these hard truths for me to make a change.

Sugar, which ifart-deadly-smell-green-cloud-260nw-511689715s in all processed food, causes an imbalance in the flora in the digestive system.  The bad bacteria are taking over. It over powers the good bacteria and creates a craving for more food – sugar. Then the byproduct is gas in many forms.  It is rumbling in the tummy.  And, according to what I’ve read, sleepiness or fatigue and brain fog.  These are all things I have been dealing with lately, but it took a week of extremely embarrassing moments because of gas for me to realize I can do something.  That I need to do something.

I need to reduce or eliminate my sugar intake.  Get rid of blatant sugars and white bread and tortillas.  This is the obvious start.  It is tough, but it can be done.  This little bit will make a difference, but it won’t heal my gut.  Moving away from processed foods will help even more.  I will notice the difference with either option.

But there is more I can do.  I can take good probiotics.  The ones that need to be refrigerated and have higher counts of bacteria are the ones to take.  This helps to bring good bacteria back into the body.  I just learned that aloe juice helps the digestive track lining and fights the bad bacteria.

Having IBS, both C and D, most of my adult hood, I have learned to make changes slowly and for long periods of time.  An irritated digestion system will react to the change right away, severely, then taper off.  The change must be made for a long time for the system to catch on to what you are doing and adjust for it.  Sometimes the change won’t work for long term.  It becomes frustrating making a sacrifice for something that is showing little difference and the change to go back to old ways is taken.  But, that is not always the right decision to make because it might be something that compounds the problem.

When I went off of dairy, the first month my problems were reversed and any little amount of dairy sent me searching for a bathroom.  Now I can have a little slip and be okay.  I don’t see the help that I am doing for my system.  However, the diary and sugar work against the gut, so if I were to eat both again, I would be in even more of a situation than I am now.  I have a more difficult time staying off the sugar, but I know that when I am off of it, I feel much better for a while then it tapers to a decent overall feeling.  Besides this, I have more energy and think clearer.

Thanks to my research today, I am reminded that I can and need to make a change in my life.  I also learned that in the meantime, ginger capsules work much better than the pink stuff and the gas pills.  I no longer need to be as embarrassed as I have been this past week. I am back on the road to recovery from the green cloud.


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