The Day After: Day 15

When I first started hiking, the day after was dreaded.  Sometimes the drive home was too.  A hike would leave forgotten muscles irritated and joints frozen in place.  I would wobble around for a day or two.  Getting out of the car hurt like no other.  I would hobble like an old lady with severe arthritis. I loved the hiking but dreaded the next day or two.  It took a while for me to start seeing improvement on this , but slowly I was able to walk straighter and get out of bed the next morning without hurting and being hunched over.

Last year, I may have been a bit tender on the day after a longer hike, but for the most part, I felt good the next day.  Driving home still tended to stiffen me up, but I did usually have a two hour drive too. The four day hike left me sore and swollen for several days.  I expected this.  I have never done anything like it.

This year, I forgot aboutIMG_20181006_112301499 the day after because I haven’t hiked that much.  I drove home in relative comfort yesterday and got out of my car no problem.  I was physically fatigued.  I was able to get around well, though, and even went out.  Today, I got out of bed like most other days.  I didn’t want to get out of the warmth, but I moved fine.  My feet weren’t even as painful as they have been after a day of teaching.  As the day progressed, I noticed that my calves are a little tight and my bad knee is giving me some problems.  But, I am doing great otherwise.

One thing that I have learned along the way is that if I exercise as soon as I can (any activity) after I get up, my muscles will loosen.  This will take the soreness away.  Today, I got up and worked in my garden then climbed stairs and cleaned my storage room. All the while, I was pain free and energized.  For when I exercise, I feel like doing more.

Even though I am more out of shape than I was last year, my body knows what I am doing and is not irritated from it.  This is greatly encouraging.  I left my day pack and shoes in the car to help encourage me to hike this week.  I think that I won’t have any problems getting out and doing it.  I’m excited to continue hiking where ever I can fit it in.  I am encouraged by the day after.


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