Prepping for a Hike: Day 13

I’m getting ready to go hiking tomorrow, and am a bit nervous and excited.  I haven’t gone real hiking since July on the Forty Mile Desert.  I have to make sure that I have all the necessary gear and plenty img_20161029_090049676of water.  But, this time, it is going to be cold.  We are going near South Lake Tahoe on an association challenge.  It doesn’t have much climb, but it is going to be above 8,000 feet.  The high tomorrow is supposed to be 56 F. So instead of pulling out my summer gear, I will be pulling out my winter gear.

I like hiking at cooler temperatures.  Once we get going, I quickly get to a comfortable temperature.  As long as it doesn’t snow on us, we’ll be fine.  Yesterday, it was snowing on the taller peaks in the area. I am confident that it will be sunny and pleasant, though.  Fifty-six degrees isn’t that cold, but in the high elevation, the weather changes quickly.  We have to be prepared for anything.

To be sure, I will have a few layers for tops and leggings plus my rain pants.  I have a great pair of gloves that Cairn sent in one of their boxes.  My cousin got me a buff.  It works great.  I love the multi-function of a buff and hike with one in all seasons.  I have a knit hat and a floppy hat.  On top of this, I have snacks (sugar and protein), a first aid kit, and a potty bag.  I am ready for this.

My anxiety about this trip is just that I have been hiking short trips and pretty much flat trails.  I have been exercising these last 13 days, but before that, I hadn’t.  So to say I am out of shape is not exaggerating.  I hope that this goes well and we decide to go farther or plan another trip soon.

My excitement comes from being on the trail again and hiking in a new to us spot.  It is so refreshing to hike in trees and on new trails.  I like that my hiking partner will be there too.  It is so different hiking alone.  I’m on edge when I’m alone; I’m a different hiker when alone.

Here’s to a great hike tomorrow with tall tales to share.


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