Devise Free Days 5-8

Travel Days: Day 5

So, I’m traveling today, and I am trying to squeeze everything in.  With eight of us, that is even more difficult to do.  As I sit here writing, my grandkids are doing homework.  I get up periodically to help them out, but for the most part they are doing just what they have to do. It is interesting seeing this generation do their homework.  While I am using a pen and notebook, one has my phone for the internet, another has my kindle to read and take notes from, and the third is using her phone because she took pictures of the pages she had to read. It is all working pretty good though.

For exercise tonight, I was able to swim laps for 15 minutes.  It wasn’t enough to get my heart rate up, but it was enough for my arms to get tired. I have also been in and out of my hotel and our airplane many times.  That gets to be more moving than normal. I have to accept this for my exercise because otherwise, I would see myself as a failure and quit. I did exercise, and that is what matters.

The next two days will be walking all day.  I should have taken a picture of all of us in the pool or hot tub. But today will have to go without a picture.


Silence Is Golden: Day 6

I have been at Disneyland all day.  We could not talk without yelling.  My ears are ringing and my throat is raspy.  I don’t sound like myself, and I don’t know if I’m being loud or not.  But it makes me realize how much I love silence.

We can hike for hours without talking.  We often just listen to what is in our heads or to what nature is telling us. This is the way we like it.  It is a comfortable silence.  It is a healthy silence.  We don’t want to disturb each other or what nature is doing.

Now that I’ve spent a day in Disneyland, I am craving and excited for the hike with my cousin next weekend. Before I left, I planned a hike for the following week.  I’m happy and being in the moment, but when I’m in my room, I think of the chance to be quiet and not having wild hyper children yelling.

Life is good, but silence is golden.


False Completions: Day 7

Goals Attained – Training Ends

Last year I reached the first of my goals.  I hiked the PCT from Mt Hood to the Columbian Gorge. It took five days to complete, some were harder than others, but it was done without quitting or too much hardship.  I lost weight, I felt great, and then I lost it all. I quit hiking, I quit eating well. I quit writing.  What happened?

That is what I have been trying to figure out. I had the accomplishment; a feeling of satisfaction and completion. I reached a goal, but that goal was a small part of a larger goal. It was my first to get to. The first to accomplish and the first that I set. So did that accomplishment trigger something in me or did that do something else?

It could have been a combination of things. When I came off the trail, I was very hungry.  I allowed myself to eat what I wanted. That eating triggered cravings.  The cravings stayed.  Also at the end of the trail, my feet and legs were very tired. My feet swelled up to where I could hardly put any weight on them. So I took a break from activities. On top of that, I also brought my grandson home with me. So, I did no training while he was with us.

When I lose the momentum, it is difficult to get back going again. Then on top of it all, I took on extra classes and ended up having little time to myself. Occasionally my husband would tell me to go for a hike to release some stress, but I wouldn’t take the time without prompting.  So, this summer, I was not prepared to conquer the next goals.  It was disappointing, but a lesson non-the-less.  I have to believe that I am always in training for the rest of my life.  I have to acknowledge that I cannot just eat what I want because I want what is not good for me or my training.  I have to work it if I want it.


Hydration: Day 8

Traveling takes a lot out of a person, but the most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated.  Hydration is the key to many ailments. It is often the cause of headaches, cramps in the extremities, dry skin and lips, vertigo, sinus problems, constipation, etc. I haven’t been well hydrated these days.  It has affected my flight today.  I started out with a headache and was very uncomfortable in the plane.  I have also noticed floaters in my vision.  I haven’t had that in quite a while.  It has also made it harder for me to focus my thought on much.

When I am walking and talking – having fun, I don’t think to stop and drink.  Usually it is inconvenient.  I had a water bottle in my backpack, and I drank some of it. But, I should have gone with my initial thought a few weeks ago and used my hiking day pack instead of a cute backpack, so I would have had the water hose right there. I could have drunk  a lot of water whenever it felt right.  It would have been the right amount of water for the day too.

I don’t use my day pack often except for hiking, but I could use it for outdoor all day events.  I could use it for 5Ks and other physical activities where a water bottle would be awkward.  I am already awkward enough.

Another thing I could have done was to take my electrolytes with me, so that I would want to drink the water more.  The water in the city, any city for me, tastes bad.  I really didn’t want to drink it.  But with the flavoring of any of the electrolytes I have would have had me sucking down the liquids.

There is really no excuse to becoming dehydrated in this day.  So, I just need to be prepared and think about what I need to do for myself and my health. Then I could have avoided the worst of the headache, the floaters, and all the other discomforts.


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