Training Day 2

Training to me means mixing up how I use my body.  One day, I may work in the yard doing a lot of bending or twisting moves.  The next day, I will hike or dance or practice yoga.  Today, I chose to hike.  There is a great place for me to hike right between where I work and live.  It is a grefish cavesat place to decompress or rehash things as I hike.  There are hills and flat areas.  I can do a short loop or a long loop.  I can climb several hills or no hills.  But the best thing about this area is that I am usually alone, and I can be comfortable doing whatever I need or want to.  This becomes meditative to me.  I can really focus on thoughts or I can let my mind.  If there is something I need to work out, my mind has the reins and is off and going.  If I need to relax and distress, I can let the thoughts in and brush them away.  As I was hiking, I realized that I was doing this with stuff that was bothering me.  I thought whatever thoughts came to my mind.  If I could do something about a thought, I would pay attention and figure something out.  When a thought came into my mind about something I had no control or impact on, I could acknowledge it and let it go.  Now I realize how zen the hike is to me and why I come back feeling so much better.  Even my husband notices and suggests that I go hiking when school is stressing me out.


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