Mixed Tape: Mt. Hood to the Bridge of the Gods

The Call of the Mountains. Country Roads. These Boots Are Made For Walking.  Alive.  Running Bare.  Heaven on Earth.  Free Falling.  Waterfalls. Cool Clear Water.  Over the River, Through the Woods.  Shoo Fly.  Woman. A Hard Day’s Night.  On the Road Again.  Sneaky Snake.  She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes. I Think We’re Alone Now.  I Am Woman. I’m on the Edge.  On Top of the World. On Top of Old Smokey.  The Little Engine That Could.  Keep on Swimming.  Smoke in Our Eyes. Dueling Banjos. Praying. We’re Gonna Make It.  Happy Trails.  Earth Angel.

*Every few semesters I ask my students to write a Mixed Tape memoir.  That is they have to write a memoir using song titles.  This is mine from this summer.


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