I don’t write poetry often, and when I do, it just seems to come to me.  The following are something that was inspired by a poetry workshop.  The first is a response to Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken.  The second came from trying to write about a hike we took this spring.  It is one that needed to be experienced instead of described.  I hope that I was able to accomplish that.  It was fun to write though.  Enjoy.

Two Roads

Two roads diverged

I stood at the Y

Which way to go

One was traveled

One overgrown


The dark shadows

Discourage me

The bright sidewalk

Intimidates me


I am stuck

And cannot decide

Which way

Is the best way


Do I go where others have gone before

Where I’ll run

Into someone

Do I go where others deferred

Where there’ll be

Few to save me


Two roads diverged

I stood at the Y

Fear keeping me from moving on


Mountain Goating

Moving up among the rocks

Stepping where it is sure

Bugs bombarding

Breeze cooling

Sun shining


That step was a bit high

Backpack pulling me down

Legs lifting me up

Higher we go

This is not the top


Writing in the sun baked dirt

Someone’s been here before

Standing on a rock

Becoming the highest point

There’s nothing like it


An ideal camping spot

Wind block

Full sun


Making our way down

Trying not to stumble

Less sure

Pack pushing back

Poles balancing


Here’s a way through

Black boulders

Rocky ravine

Opening for a step


Down at last

Can’t wait to do it again


*Sorry about the formatting.  I am still learning and could not fix this.




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