Little Epiphanies

I like little epiphanies.  They are often difficult to turn into regular actions, but they are just little changes in the way I look at things and can improve my health.  The other day while I was grading and snacking, I had an insightful epiphany.  I realized that I didn’t have to eat in order to keep to the grading.  I could take exercise breaks instead.  About every other paper, I need to get up and move around.  Usually I would make cookies because it requires me to get up and do something, but I didn’t have all the ingredients to make cookies.  So I had been eating instead of moving around.  Towards the end of the day I realized that I could get up and walk on my treadmill instead of eating.  This worked well, but my first instinct is to go to the food instead.  There is no treadmill in the pantry.  So, I need to work on going to my exercise room instead of the pantry.  In one day of grading, it would be easy to get 60 minutes of walking in if not more.

This epiphany is similar to another one I had a while back.  I realized that if I did all my walking before I did my strength training, I would only be able to complete one set for each exercise.  If I wanted to get 3-5 done, I would have to do something different.  That is when I realized that I could break my walking into increments and be able to do more repetitions of the strength training.  I haven’t made this a habit yet, but when I think about it, I can do three repetitions of strength training and a half an hour of walking.  This is what my personal trainer had me doing. We would walk a block twice then go and do some strength building exercises and stretches.  This would be repeated three times to be sure that I would not be too tired to do all the exercises.

With these little changes I hope to see bigger improvements.


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