Packing the Pack

Now that I have my day-pack, I needed to learn what should go into it. To do this, I turned to my friend, Pinterest. There are several blogs I have pinned about packing a day-pack. From these, I started making a list.  At first, I wrote down everything on their lists, I crossed out the duplicates, and took off things that didn’t make sense to me.  I read my new list several times and decided to add a couple of things.  My list looks like this:

Sunscreen/lips too                      Bug spray                              Sunglasses

Knife/multi-tool                          Camera                                  Fire-starter

Flashlight/head lamp                Duct tape                               Band-Aids/first aid kit

Blister pads                                  Pain relievers                        Antiseptic

Guide book                                   Snacks – protein                  Water

Ace bandage                                Survival blanket                    Rain poncho

Garbage bag                                 Toilet paper                             Ziploc bags

Water filter/purification          Compass/map                        Whistle

Mirror                                            Para chord                                Binoculars

Hat                                                 Knee brace

Once comfortable with my list, I gathered what I had on hand making adjustments as necessary:

Sunscreen/lip balm                Hat                                           Sunglasses

Knife                                            Lighter                                    Flash light

Menstrual pad                         Band-Aids                             Ointment and antiseptic

Blister pads                             Ibuprofen                                 Guide book

Apple and orange                 Water in my hydration pack

Ace bandage with safety pins                                               Kleenex packet

Ziploc bags                              Whistle                                     Binoculars

Cell phone                              Cough drops                            Inhaler

I will eventually get the rest of the items on my list, but I feel good with my starter pack. Since the hike was to be the next day and because my son is in the Army, he felt he had to inspect my pack. I think that he has done this as pay back for all the times I checked his back pack for school.  He takes everything from my bag and comments on them.  He’s not impressed with the sunscreen because of the weight, but I am fair skinned. So, it stays.  He is happy about my impromptu first aid kit including the menstrual pad because it can have multiple uses.  He informs me that pain medicines like ibuprofen will dehydrate me if I use them, but I am not comfortable leaving them behind.  We talk about wants and needs when we get to the binoculars, but this is a want he approves of. I left the camera out since I will have my phone.

When we repack, he has removed nothing.  This makes me feel good about my choices.  I want to be prepared but also have a light pack.  The only items he suggested are the ones on my list that I didn’t have on hand.  The weight seemed appropriate for the hike, and I had no problems with it.  I didn’t need anything while on the hike, but having the bag along made me feel better and will help prepare me for increasing the weight over the next few years.



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