Getting to Ireland

So my big goals have been set with some kind of end date. Next I had to figure out how I was going to reach them, to break them into smaller goals.
I decided that the only way to get to Ireland was to be saving money now. But what could I do to combine my two goals to make it more fun? Walk my way to Ireland was the answer. I don’t mean literally walking to Ireland, but to exercise regularly and keep track of it in miles until I walked the 4,833 miles it would take to get there. I would keep track of the actual miles I walked with my treadmill and MapMyWalk on my phone. I also keep a record of the other types of physical activity I get and convert that exertion to miles. After a period of time using the treadmill regularly, I could judge how I felt after I walked a mile. Judging how I feel after I rake the weeds or do a couple sets of weights, I guesstimate how that would transfer to miles. Thirty minutes of raking is about half a mile for me, and two sets of 30 crunches is about a mile. Maybe it is not accurate, but it works for me, I am adding to my physical activity all the time. miles
To address saving money to get there, I pay myself $1 for every mile of activity I put in each month. That would give me plenty of money to enjoy myself on my dream trip. So off I was going on my walks and exercising, and the first month I put together 14 miles. I was excited until I realized that at that rate it would take me about 28 years. This could have stalled my plans, but I was on my way and that helped motivate me to work harder. I won’t lie, sometimes I was discouraged and didn’t do as well, but I continued to track my work and record my miles on the refrigerator. count down
It was still easy to push off my exercising for other commitments, but I didn’t stop recording all the exercise I was doing. By the end of the year, I walked a total of 210 miles and had that much saved. I was happy to be on my way to getting to Ireland.
This year, I stepped it up a bit by joining all the 5Ks in my area and walking for longer duration. In January, I walked 28 miles doubling last January’s distance. Talk about a big boost in motivation. I am on a roll now and am feeling pretty good. There are times that I still let other commitments overpower my exercising plans or days and weeks when I just don’t feel very well and don’t put in the time and distance, but every step counts. I am on my way. Now when I figure how long it will take me to get to Ireland I calculate about 14 years. That’s half the time I originally came up with. If I can keep increasing my exercising, I will make it in no time.


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