Getting Motivated

I have always dreamed of hiking and rock climbing during long drives in the west. Every rocky mountain side and rocky cliff had my name on it. They called to me, but I just continued on. A few times I have been able to climb some mountain sides and an ocean cliff, but for the most part, I was a dreamer. That dreaming got me nowhere but more sedentary and unhealthy.

fish caves
Over a year ago, I decided that if I ever wanted to reach any of my dreams, I had to start working on them. I had to break the main goals down into steps and work my way there. The first step was to identify my major goals: to go to Ireland and to become healthier. Later I would add hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Mt Hood to the Colombian Gorge.

mt hood to cascade locks map
These plans are extremely exciting to me because they are things that I have put into manageable and measurable goals. I will go to Ireland when I walk my way there (more on that later), I will address all my medical issues with my doctor at a reasonable pace, and I will go take my hike within five years from last summer – 2020.

This blog is to help keep me on track because as I said in my about me page, I tend to make plans and be enthusiastic about them until the next great idea comes along. This blog is to help me be accountable and stay motivated. I will be writing on the steps I am taking to reach my goals, the things I learn, the things that will get me there. That is where the name comes from: I want to get there healthfully and happily. I want to get there mentally and physically. I also want to increase my writing and this will help me get there too.
I hope you will follow along on my journey, and maybe it will be motivational for someone else.


One thought on “Getting Motivated

  1. Good luck, Laurie. I’ll follow along, and if you need help, let me know. I have a good ear, and a shoulder to lean on if you feel discouraged or find your motivation lacking.

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